Do You Know What Color Your Aura Is? Find Out

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Each and every person is surrounded by a colorful glowing energy that comes from within us and radiates outwards. We call this electromagnetic field our aura, but it’s more like an inner fire that helps to fuel and drive us steadily towards our goals, passions, and desires.

Even though the vast majority of us are unable to actually see these colorful energies within our own self or others, it’s nonetheless always with the person from whose body and soul it emanates. Auras are not just limited to humans, rather all living things, from animals to plants, radiate their own energy.

We tend to unconsciously pick up on them and it forms part of what gives us a certain vibe or feeling about the things we come across. If you’ve ever felt that a person just seemed off or strange to you for no obvious reason, it may have been because you picked up on their aura and bad energy.

The opposite is also true, those people you’re instinctively drawn to, trust, and enjoy spending time with are giving off pleasant energy and have positive auras. Beyond the feelings you get from them, the color of one’s aura changes over time, and that also influences the way we see and interpret people.

When our auras change color it’s often a direct reflection of our innermost feelings, personal growth, and outlook in life. That means whatever color your aura is at this point in life is linked to a deeper unconscious level, one that consists of complex interactions between your thoughts, emotions, health, experiences, and more.

In the grand scheme of things, when it comes to the color of your aura it affects both how you behave and how others perceive you. At this point you’re probably wondering what color your aura is. This quiz will help you figure that out here and now, and will tell you exactly which color of the rainbow it’s currently vibrating at!

The following eight questions are interesting and introspective, they’re targeted to reach deep into your unconscious mind. They look at factors which include your preferences, attitudes, and the things you most connect with in life. Have fun and enjoy!

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