He Was Known As ‘Caveman’ And Hadn’t Cut His Hair For Years. But When He Finally Cuts It His Girlfriend Can’t Believe What She Sees!

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If you have ever had a boyfriend or husband you know that for the most part they tend to be pretty messy, sometimes stinky and sometimes they decide not to cut their hair or shave their beard as their significant others watch in horror. Many men go through this stage, either growing the long hair or the beard but eventually the phase ends and they go back to their usual look. With that being said, some guys never end this phase and end up living the remainder of their life with shaggy hair and a completely overgrown beard!

This brings us to today’s featured story about a man named Josh and his girlfriend Heidi. When they first met Alex already had long hair and a huge beard and Heidi really didn’t mind it at all and actually liked it. She was however pretty nervous about their first kiss, because his beard was long and she really didn’t know where Josh’s mouth was!

But as the time past she began to start despising the look that she had once fallen in love with. Heidi had been desperately pleading with him to cut it all off or at least clean it up so he could look somewhat presentable to her family, friends and even strangers. On top of not shaving or getting a haircut he really dressed sloppy and she wished she could get him to wear some nice clothes and look handsome.

When all her pleas and desperation to get him to just get a real haircut, shave and get a new wardrobe had completely failed that’s when Heidi called up Oprah to get her boyfriend on one of her makeover shows! When they got to the show Josh they found out Josh was going to get a full makeover from head to toe by a whole team of experts.

Watch the video below for the full story and makeover with video and pictures:

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