What Is Your Lucky Color According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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In life, there are many things that are thought to bring us luck. The most common objects that people tend to view as lucky are four leaf clovers, rainbows, pennies, and all sorts of special trinkets they happen to come across. However, just about anything can be considered special or sacred enough to bring good fortune one’s way. It often simply comes down to the unique meanings and personal significance that we attach to those things on an individual level.

In contrast, a more general and universal symbol of good luck can be found in colors. We each have a power color, maybe it’s the one you think you look best in, or simply your favorite hue. Different colors hold various meanings and we associate certain things with each and every shade within a color family. Red is usually equated with love, lust, anger, sin, and so forth, whereas green symbolizes serenity, nature, envy, and more.

Furthermore, colors are constantly affecting people’s moods and influencing our behaviors in subtle ways, regardless of whether or not you’re even conscious of it. In recent years color psychology, the study of how different colors impact our feelings, attitudes, and choices, has steadily grown and become mainstream.

Numerous studies have shown a variety of interesting effects that different hues of the light spectrum appear to have on human behavior and perception. One well known example is that men view females as more attractive when women wear red outfits. The opposite is not true for women though, as they do not see the color of a man’s outfit as a factor affecting his level of attractiveness.

There’s untold amounts of information about what different colors represent and it’s interesting to think that every shade you’re unconsciously drawn to, or intentionally choose, influences you in some slight way. Your zodiac sign can reveal what your lucky color is!.Check it out and see if the color matches up to what you thought it’d be or if it matches your favorite one!

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