How Many Times Have You Been Reincarnated?

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Reincarnation is the belief that after death a person’s spirit or soul begins a new life in a new body. The universe is constantly in a cycle of death and rebirth, with people going on to have many lives, as well as past lives. That is how reincarnation is understood in it’s most basic terms, but there are many religions, philosophies, and groups who believe in variations of it past this common understanding.

Some people claim they know, or can feel or sense, their past life identities in their present lives. They say they have memories of events, people, and places associated with who they used to be. Other people appear to be old souls, wise beyond their years and in tune with whatever life sends their way.

In direct contrast with them are those who seem to have newer and younger souls and instead learn by the wayside on the fly. A lot can be learned by examining our life choices and reflecting on the how and why we went down different paths. However, how old we truly are comes down to a deeper level of our existence.

It really stems from how many times our souls have been re-born and consists of complex interactions from all of our soul’s past lives and experiences. What you enjoy doing, reading, eating, most desire and hold near and dear above all other things can say a lot about your spiritual soul age and the state you are at in life.

In general, our choices reflect broadly on our lives and the paths we have taken to get to the present point in them. If you want to determine how many times your soul has been reincarnated work through this quick quiz and see if the results reflect your guess as to whether or not you’re an old or new soul!

How many times have you reincarnated? let us know!

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