The Majority of The Population Can’t Pass This Difficult Color Quiz. Can You?

People see things differently. That is a fact and in a world filled with colors, we are bound to see them differently from one person to the next. How we perceive a certain shade of blue or red or green depends not only on our eyesight, but our experiences in life as well.

Two particular colors that many people interpret differently are blue and black. While lighter shades of blue, such as cyan, turquoise, and teal, are easily identifiable as belonging to the blue color family, darker shades are not so clearly blue. The deeper and darker the blue, the more likely we are to confuse it with black. If you know what oxford or peacock blue looks like, then you know how blackish they can truly appear to be!

In the end, there is a life lesson that we can take away from all of this. How we see and visually interpret the world all around us can drastically differ from person to person. It’s not only a particular shade of color we see differently, that’s just one basic example, it can literally be anything else that we’re visually perceiving which may be different!

It’s amazing how a little bit of color can illustrate how unique we all are. Now put your color vision and identification skills to the test with this fun quiz. It will reveal how well you’re able to determine which shades are blue and which ones are black. And while you may think it’ll be super easy, it’s not. Instead, it’s kind of tricky so good luck and try it now to see if you can pass it!

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