Man Placed GoPro On His Dog But When He Watches The Video He Sees A Bone Chilling Surprise!

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It’s a shame that many dogs are cooped up inside all day. Even when they’re allowed to go out, they’re restricted by a leash. One dog owner decided to let his dog roam free when they were walking in the woods. This would prove to be a grave mistake.

Tommy Berglund found his dog, Clara, lying on the ground severely injured. He had no idea what had happened. Luckily, he had attached a GoPro camera to Clara before he had allowed her to wander free. When Tommy watched back the footage taken, he was shocked.

The footage begins with Clara encountering a wolf. One would assume that such a sight would easily scare a dog, but Clara is a Swedish Elk Hound, a dog known for their fierce hunting skills. Clara continued on her way seemingly leaving the wolf behind. However, the encounter was not yet finished.

Clara again encountered the wolf who proceeded to make a lunge at Clara. The two animals sparred viciously but Clara held her own. The wolf eventually took off and it had seemed Clara had won the fight. This was not the case as the wolf soon returned with more wolves for backup.

They again fought and, while Clara defended herself bravely, she was no match for the pack of wolves. Eventually, the wolves dispersed leaving Clara wounded but alive. What a lucky pup!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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