How Many Kids Will You Have According To This Beautiful Color-Based Quiz?

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Color psychology is an area that has had a vast amount of study and findings.  Our early experiences with color have a long standing effect on our personal choices, as we experience these colors throughout our lives, affecting our behaviors and moods.  There are some universal associations of certain colors being warm or cool, which tend to be culturally related.

For instance, blue, green and violet are experienced as COOL COLORS, because their place in nature rest with leaves, sea and sky.  HOT COLORS that evoke stimulation are yellow, orange and red, through their association in nature with the heat of the sun and fire.  How vivid or cool color perception is, can be a determinate of our interpersonal behaviors and life choices.  They can effect our SEXUALITY, our ability to TOLERATE CHAOS, our LEVEL of INTROVERSION or EXTRAVERSION, and even our desire and chances of having FEW or MANY CHILDREN.

Whether we associate high-arousal colors of red, yellow and orange positively vs. low-arousal blues, greens and violets, can have a significant affect on our psychological reactions and subsequent behaviors.  How we experience color has both physiological and psychological affects on human beings.  It can affect risk-taking behavior such as gambling, or color vibrancy can make us feel secure and tranquil, vs. anxious and irritable.

In the QUIZ you are about to take below, you will be presented with gradations or hues of particular colors, and combinations of colors in various abstract forms, and will be asked various questions about your emotional reactions to them.  For instance: WHICH IMAGE ARE YOU MOST DRAWN TO?; CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SHADE OF GREEN; WHICH IMAGE MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST?; CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SHADE OF RED; WHICH IMAGE STRESSES YOU OUT THE MOST?; CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SHADE OF WHITE; WHICH COLOR COMBO EXCITES YOU THE MOST?; CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SHADE OF BLUE.

Color studies have found that color has the power to evoke powerful emotions that may depress, stimulate, excite or tranquilize individuals.  It can even affect our desire to eat or not.  As such, it is not surprising that are color choices can be reflective of personality characteristics, that may be indicative of our choice of how many children we desire to have, to complete our families.

Have fun taking this quiz, and let us know if the analysis of either your desire for number of children, or the actual number of children you have is accurate.  Try not to overthink your responses; going with your gut-level reaction will yield the most accurate results.

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