This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal The Number Of Past Lives You’ve Had!

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How many past lives has your soul lived through? The question is virtually impossible to answer as there is no way to truly know how many cycles of life and death one has experienced. However, there are ways to go about trying to figure it out. The quiz below frames the inquiry in terms of color in order to constructively come up with an answer, but first try and guess how many times you’ve lived!

Perhaps this is your first life, your third, fifth, or even eleventh. If you believe in reincarnation then you expect that after death a person’s spirit, which is to say their soul, begins life over again in a new body.

People go on to lead many lives and therefore have just as many past ones because the universe is in a constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth. That’s essentially the most basic and common understanding of reincarnation.

A lot can be learned about our pasts by examining our color choices, preferences and what hues we pick up on the most. Colors are timeless and universal, they exist because of light and have been around the universe for much longer than man has.

Each color family has been extensively studied and these examinations have led to a number of associations that link colors with different factors. As such, the colors that visually stand out the most in our eyes can be pinned down and analyzed to reveal approximately how many lives we have lived!

Our choices reflect broadly on our lives and the paths that we have taken to reach the present point in them. To determine how many past lives you have lived simply work your way through this beautiful quiz that’s filled with images of nature and the universe.

In the end see if your results reflect what you guessed and enjoy!

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