What Does Your Birthstone Actually Reveal About You? Find Out.

In modern times, the month you were born determines what birthstone you have been assigned; these precious gem stones were believed to have special significance in ANCIENT TIMES.  The history of the association of different stones being associated with the 12 months, goes back as far as ancient Israel;  the Breastplate of Aaron is described in the book of Exodus, as being decorated with 12 gemstones, that were thought to represent the 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL!  It wasn’t until the 5th Century that Christian scholars reinterpreted the twelve gems to represent each of the 12 months of the year, and the 12 signs of the ZODIAC.

Rather than assigning your month of birth to a particular gemstone, the association of the stone with each month led the ancient cultures to believe that wearing a different stone for each month, would endow a person with the therapeutic benefits for wearing the stone during that time period!

It wasn’t until 1912 that Sears published an “official” list of what one’s birthstone was, according to their month of birth.  Clearly that made economic sense for the seller and the buyer, as few people could afford all the gemstones, even if they believed that wearing a different one each month would offer them the best in health and good fortune as they journeyed through life.

The YouTube VIDEO you are about to watch below from “fayesdiamondmine”, presents each of these beautiful stones in all their glory, with the month of their association and what MODERN qualities they represent.  Given the ancient history of how people used them, you might be drawn to a different stone than the modern one assigned to your month of birth.  If you believe that the qualities associated with a different stone fit your essence better than another…go for it!

The HISTORIC meaning for each month and gemstone were:

(1) January – Garnet – to protect a loved one to be safe on their journey.

(2) February – Amethyst – Mythological alcohol tolerance…the wisdom to not overindulge.

(3) March – Aquamarine – The blue tone of this gem was used by sailors on their voyages, to keep them calm, enhance good sleep, and ward off poisons or bad food.

(4) April – Diamond – Given to a loved one to remind them of their strength.

(5) May – Emerald – It’s green color inspired thoughts of springtime and rebirth…winter will soon be over.

(6) June – Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite – Expresses romantic love and increased fertility.

(7) July – Ruby – It’s similarity to the color of blood caused an association with vitality and physical strength.

(8) August – Peridot – The Egyptians associated this stone with great beauty, regardless of circumstance.

(9) September – Sapphire – Encourages Honesty in relationships and Good Decision Making; guarding the wearer from Evil.

(10) October – Opal, Tourmaline – Associated with Vitality and Spiritual Healing.

(11) November – Topaz, Citrine – They were thought to channel the Power of the Sun, improving mood.

(12) December- Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon – Was thought to enhance your ability to make friends easily.

When watching the MODERN interpretation of the significance of these stones in the upcoming VIDEO, you will find it really interesting to see how it compares to their ancient roots!

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