A Mysterious ‘Floating City’ Is Seen By Hundreds Of People In China

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I don’t know about you, but if I had seen something that looked like a huge city floating in the clouds, I would have been shocked!  Several hundred residents of the city of Foshan in Guangdong province, China, saw this apparition.

It lasted for only a few minutes and was caught on video by one of the residents.  People were not only shocked but actually scared by this incomprehensible image, that appeared to be a complex city skyline.  Several days later, the same occurrence was reported in the province of Jiangxi.  These two seemingly paranormal sightings are similar to one reported in 2011.

The question remains what could have caused this strange phenomenon?  There has been speculation that China may have made some technological advances in holographs, and wanted to see how the public would react to seeing something so unusual.  To what end, is the further question, if this is so. Those believers in the paranormal, have speculated that what was seen was a window into a parallel universe; two worlds meeting at a vortex that beamed this vision?  Whether this was the result of a Project Blue Beam test, or a  Fata Morgana, that had naturally produced a mirage are opened-ended theories. Let us know what you think about this strange phenomenon.

Will these questions ever be answered?  One would hope so.

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