How Old Is Your Brain? Find Out Below

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This quiz is very straight forward and easy, all you need to take it is your brain! But first, answer one question; how old do you think your brain is? Would you say it’s the age you’re currently at right now, or perhaps you think it’s either younger or older than that number.

When it comes to brain age the popular expression “with age comes wisdom” comes to mind. The older a person is, the smarter and wiser they are presumed to be. With each passing year we all learn new lessons, gain more knowledge, and experience new things. By simply living life and growing up, we get more intelligent and worldly!

At least that’s how it’s supposed to be but life is rarely so cut and dry. The fact of the matter is that our brains can and do age at different rates than the rest of our physical bodies. Just take a look around for evidence of this. Some adults lack common sense and act like little kids, while many children act responsible like mature adults. The reasons for this vary widely but they all relate back to brain age at some point or another.

Furthermore, just as how not all brains function alike, not all brains age alike. Many different factors come into play which can end up affecting the health and overall age of our brains. These include eating a proper diet, physical exercise, getting enough sleep, and keeping yourself mentally aware and engaged with your surroundings.

Now think back to the original question posed above and how old you assume your brain to be. This quiz will tell you what your approximate brain age is and while the following ten questions may seem broad and ambiguous, they’re actually pinpointed to analyze and determine brain age. More specifically, they look at your overall breadth of knowledge and familiarity with a range of questions that are each reflective of different eras and times past. Try it now and see if the age that your answers reflect matches or comes close to what you originally guessed!

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