Is There One Lie You Keep Telling Yourself. Take The Quiz Below and Find Out What It Is.

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We all have psychological conflicts that we need to grapple with throughout our lives.  We carry beliefs about ourselves in relation to other people, that come from early interactions in our family systems.  How healthy our family relationships are, tends to influence our interpersonal behaviors, and reflect underlying unconscious motivations.  The extent to which these beliefs are reflective of the truth or a lie that we tell ourselves, can often be elicited by psychological tests that lead us to project our innermost conflicts.

One of these types of projective techniques, that leads to better insights into underlying issues that affect how we relate to other people, is the “Rorschach test”.  Made up of ten inkblots that are quite abstract, people are asked to express what they see in each image.  The test you are about to take below, is similar to the Rorschach; you will be presented with a series of inkblots and be given a multiple choice of what most closely approximates what you see.

The particular inkblots shown to you in this quiz will be revealing of what current issues and behaviors operate in your interactions with others.  Try not to overthink your responses; going with your gut level reaction will yield a more accurate assessment of your belief system, that may be indicative of lies or truths that you perpetuate about yourself.

Perhaps it will show the belief that “I don’t need help”…you project a mysterious unknowing aura, that may keep people from really knowing you.  Or you may be the “First and last time” type…you emanate a purity and effortless happy aura that attracts members of the opposite sex, in particular. Or you have the underlying belief that “I can fix that person” that may draw others to seek out your help, but can operate as a way to keep the focus off yourself, and may end in frustration. One of these or some other analysis of your dominant belief system may be revealed.

After taking this quiz let us know if the analysis, resonates with how you see yourself.  Does it reflect the positive and negative beliefs that affect your relationships?

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