Are You Outgoing, Shy, Or Just Ambivalent? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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Personality. It’s something that we all have and yet it often differs dramatically from person to person. Others judge us by it and over time we cultivate and grow it. The term personality is somewhat of a loaded word in the sense that each of our personalities is a mash up of all the various characteristics, quirks, and qualities that make us who we are. Think about it, without a personality we’d all be boring, uninteresting copies of one another, devoid of emotions, experiences, and feelings.

Without personality the picture is pretty bleak! It’s an important and essential factor in what makes the human experience so meaningful, colorful, and diverse. While we each have our own individual personality which is unique to only us, all of the many variations in personality can nonetheless be pared down to a few main types. This quiz looks at three of them in particular and focuses on the following categories; outgoing, shy, and ambivalent. Which one do you think describes your personality the best?

Outgoing people are very social and extroverted. They enjoy keeping busy and are always involved in any action that’s going on around them. On the opposite side of the social-personality spectrum are shy people who are often considered to be introverts. They tend to keep to themselves and like quiet, more serene scenes. Finally, in the middle of outgoing and shy is where ambivalent people are found. They share a mix of traits from each of the extremes and are more balanced in how they deal and respond to both social and solitary situations.

You can figure out which one of the above you identify with the most by working your way through this quiz. It features a few simple questions about your tastes and preferences, all you have to do is pick the answer you agree with or relate to the best. The responses you provide are very telling about your personality type and the way you think, so give it a try and see what your answers reveal about you!

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