What Were You In A Previous Life According To Your Zodiac Sign?


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The universe is in a constant, never ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth. All around us there are plants, animals, bacteria, microbes, and other people who are taking their last breath in this life, or their first. It happens on and across every level of existence and is inevitable.

It was from this cycle that reincarnation was born. Reincarnation is the belief that after death a living thing’s spirit or soul begins a new life in a new body. This rebirth is not limited to humans alone and all living things, from bugs and fish to reptiles and animals, are reborn in a new form. It is the soul which changes bodies as it evolves from lower forms of life up to higher forms, until it eventually reaches the human form. It follows that through this constant cycle of death and rebirth, people have lived many lives and held innumerable identities in them. That’s how reincarnation is fundamentally understood at its most basic level, but there are many different religions, philosophies, and groups who believe in variations of it past this common understanding.

Some people claim they know or can sense and feel their past life identities in their present life. They report that they have vivid memories of events, people, and places associated with who or what they used to be. There is often an overriding theme or repetition to these memories and certain details, like a particular color or landmark, stand out.

This quiz uses targeted questions and images to jog your mind and explore your memories on a deeper level that is both conscious and subconscious. See if you were Egyptian or English royalty, a warrior, gypsy, farmer, hippie, or a pirate years and years ago. It’s fun, so if you want to find out who you were in your past life take the quiz, and open your mind up to all the possibilities of what you could have been and done!

What were you in a previous life?

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