What Is Your Psychic Ability According To This Quiz? Find Out.

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The human mind is vastly complex and composed of many different traits, qualities, and quirks. We are capable of experiencing thoughts, feelings, emotions, and see the world through our brain-eye-mind connection. The sum of all those things and more, on both the conscious and unconscious levels, is called our psyche. Some people refer to it as our soul or spirit, but regardless of the name you choose to give it, its what makes us who we are.

As it turns out, there are a number of ways to influence our psyches and the way we perceive the world around us. One of the main ones is by the use of psychedelics, which may come in the form of music, images, film, art, therapy, and other experiences. When most people hear the word psychedelic they think of mind altering drugs which cause users to trip out and hallucinate. However, the word ‘psychedelic’ is Greek in origin and literally translates over to “mind-revealing” in English. Over the years that meaning has been obscured and all but forgotten in mainstream circles, yet psychoactive and hallucinogenic based therapies are starting to make a comeback because of recent studies that point towards their powerful and positive effects.

You don’t need any type of drug to be deeply affected and influenced by psychedelic things. In fact, all you need is a few hallucinogenic images and how you respond to them can tell you more about yourself than what you ever imagined was possible! This quiz is composed of nine awesome and wildly colorful pictures that are aimed at evoking a response from you. The answers you choose all add up to reveal what your psychic purpose in life is, so if you’ve ever thought about what that may be, try it out now. Perhaps you are here to help others heal and connect or teach them the wisdom you’ve learned. Maybe your purpose is more distant than that and you’re here simply to watch and observe, but either way, you do have a psychic purpose in this life so find out what it is here and now!

What is your psychic ability?

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