What Color Is Your Halo?

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How pleasant it is to associate ourselves with color. The beauty of the world is expressed in infinite hues all around us, so why should we not be included in the vibrancy? We see meaningful shades in all of nature’s masterpieces. Just think of the colors of all the majestic creatures and plants that this world has to offer.

We as humans walk around with a field of color surrounding us at all times. This radiance gives insight to who we are and how we live our lives. Your aura is not necessarily the same color all the time, but it can be predominantly one more than another. The air around you is a display of your current mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The color that emanates from your body can be seen only near to you, or it may extend far out into your surroundings. You can even share a halo with someone close to you if you have a strong connection with them. To see auras around people you encounter is kind of like looking at a magic eye puzzle.

You start to see a fuzzy field surrounding someone’s body by blurring your vision slightly and focusing deeply on the space near their silhouette. With practice it will become more obvious, require less concentration, and turn from clear to pigmented. The easiest time to see a halo is in the middle of the day when the light is brightest.

Take this quiz to find out the color of your halo and what it means about you!

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