Who Are You Based On The Shapes You Choose?

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Psychogeometrics is the belief that a person’s personality can be revealed by looking at what geometric shapes and images they are most drawn to. The concept was first introduced by Dr. Susan Dellinger in her book Psychogeometrics which outlined the five basic personality types and their corresponding shapes.

She studied the interaction between individuals attitudes, experiences, and personalities in relation to the forms and shapes they were primarily attracted to in their environment. What she found was that each general personality type often matched up with a preference for a specific shape.

It follows that by simply looking at pictures and choosing which ones are most appealing, you can easily figure out which personality type you fall under. What each shape says about a person is briefly outlined below.

People who are drawn to rectangles are explorers. They are curious, fun loving, and adventurous types who like to get out in the world and travel in search of knowledge and new experiences. Those who like squares are achievers.

They seek balance and success in life and are full of ideas, which helps explain why they’re excellent problem solvers. Creative types of people are attracted to circles. They often excel at some form of art, like painting, music, or writing, and are open minded sensitive souls.

People who prefer triangles are leaders. They are confident, assertive, and seen as trustworthy and their naturally affable and social nature draws people towards them. Artists are those who are drawn to organic shapes that are less defined and feature softer lines.

They are independent dreamers who have vast imaginations and prefer less common topics or subjects that stimulate their minds and creativity.

Which one do you think you are? This quiz will answer that question for you. All you need to do is take a moment to pick and choose your way through several pictures to find out what they reveal about your inner self. Many have found this to be very accurate and spot on, so click the β€œLet’s Play!” button to start, and enjoy!

Who are you based on the shapes you choose? Let us know!

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