What Is Your Dominant Brain Function?

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What is your dominant brain function? What does that even mean? The human brain is so complex, all of our best efforts to understand it through rigorous scientific study has barely scratched the surface. It is strange that our brain is so complex and powerful that it is beyond its ability to understand itself.

One might think that if our brains are so powerful, they should be able to understand their own inner workings, but I guess the power of our brains is better suited for tasks that allow us to survive and thrive in the external environment.

Successfully living in the external environment is not affected by whether or not we understand our own brain, or how well. So on we go, learning and living, gaining knowledge and getting better at interacting socially, all while having no idea how we do it.

As technology connects us to each other, our brains automatically adapt and replace old connections with new ones, much like the internet does. Whatever connections are used are reinforced, while old ones that are no longer in use atrophy until they no longer exist.

So what about your dominant brain function? The functions of the brain about which this quiz aims to tell you include many that are focused in one area or another of the brain, but every function is dependent on the whole brain and its interconnections.

Logic, for example, is handled mainly in the left frontal lobe, while intuition is more in the right basal area. These are simplifications of a much more complex system of interactions amongst the enormous number of neurons, and an even greater number of connections between them.

What is your dominant brain function?

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