What Emotion Is Your Subconscious Hiding?

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You are about to take a quiz in which you will be presented with Tarot cards that represent different emotions.
You will be asked certain questions, and given a multiple choice of cards from which you will choose one that best matches your reaction.

It is thought that these cards reveal hidden or unconscious emotions. What catches your attention initially is the answer you should go with.

You will be asked to: Choose the card that you’re most ATTRACTED to; Pick the card that you most IDENTIFY with; Pick a card that represents your PAST; A card that reminds you of your PAST; Think about HOME and choose a card.

These, and several other questions, will be posed that will help to reveal which is the strongest emotion that is regulating your subconscious. Go with your immediate instinct when you answer each question. If you overthink your choice the results will not accurately portray what emotion is at the essence of your being.

Will it be revealed that LOVE underlies the actions you take in life, whether it be romantic or a passion for something? Or perhaps your subconscious is hiding a powerful sense of JOY; an overriding feeling of optimism and love of life?

Could it be CONFIDENCE or perhaps FEAR AND DOUBT that dominate your subconscious, or something else entirely. Let us know if what is revealed makes sense to you.

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