Which Historical Figure Do You Share A Spirit With?

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Throughout history a number of figures have stood out among their contemporaries because of their beliefs, accomplishments, bravery, and passion. In school history lessons we study their actions and are taught all the amazing things they did or stood for in the context of the era and times in which they lived.

It’s no wonder why we still speak of them and cite them as examples to emulate and follow. In some cases, historical figures are held aloft in high esteem and viewed with reverence. Large parts of society continue to worship and praise iconic individuals, such as Jesus and his religious counterparts.

Others in history, such as Cleopatra, have endured timelessly and continue to entrance and seduce our imaginations thousands of years later. More recent persons, like Shakespeare and Darwin, gave us tales of drama and adventure through their writings and taught us many fascinating new things.

Thanks to the many thousands of historical figures, we have all sorts of different viewpoints, opinions, theories, and knowledge of the world in which we live. They have immeasurably helped us advance and make sense of life over the years. People are constantly re-discovering their teachings and work, finding refuge and enlightenment within and from them.

Take this quiz to find out which historical figure you share the most in common with on a deeper level. By exploring more in depth the choices you make and what is more important to you when given options, the quiz can match you up with a historical figure whom you share a kindred spirit with. Have fun and enjoy!

Who did you match up with? Let us know!

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