What Is Your Power Color?

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Colors can often have powerful effects on our thoughts and views throughout life. Each of us is attracted to certain colors which resonate deeper within us more so than any other hues. When we wear our power colors we often feel bolder and more complete.

These conscious and unconscious effects are subtle and also come about by simply envisioning or seeing a color that we hyper-connect with. In recent years color psychology, the study of how different colors impact our feelings, attitudes, and choices, has steadily grown and become mainstream.

Studies show a variety of interesting effects that different hues of the light spectrum appear to have on human behavior and perception. One well known example is that males see women as more attractive when they wear red outfits.

However, women do not see the color of a man’s outfit as a factor affecting their level of attractiveness. This area needs further exploring and more research done but the early results, beyond what is mentioned here, are fascinating and could lead to powerful breakthroughs.

There are many other ways in which colors affect our behaviors, perceptions, and personalities. All of our positive traits and strengths are magnified and brought forth when we see, imagine, and are around our personal power colors.

What shade do you think yours is? To figure out exactly what your power color is take this short quiz and see if it turns out to be the one you thought of!

What color did you get?

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