What Did You See First? A. Face B. Dog C. Precipice – Find Out What It Means!

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What you notice in the world around you, and how you interpret what dominates that perception, has a great deal to do with what makes you unique. In a sense, it forms the essence of your character, your relationships, and what your expectations are as you encounter the challenges of life.

The quiz you are about to take below, will show you seven different pictures, which contain imbedded characteristics. Each picture will be presented, and you will be asked what it is that notice first. Three multiple choices will be offered for each image.

Try to answer quickly without thinking too much; your gut level response will yield the most accurate analysis of how your perceptions influence your inner self.

Do you think that it will reveal that you have a very STABLE PERSONALITY?; you find peace and happiness with the least amount of change in your life..consistency and planning allow you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and allow you to put forward your best self.

Or perhaps you have more of a UNIQUELY CREATIVE PERSONALITY?; you are intuitive and endlessly curious and are most satisfied when life offers a multitude of novel experiences. Are you an INCREDIBLY OPTIMISTIC person?; you have a tendency to see the best in others and rarely feel lonely because the “glass is always half full”, leading you to find solutions and get what you need.

Perhaps this quiz will reveal that your inner self is closest to one of those three personality types, or something totally different may be at your essence. Enjoy the quiz, and let us know if you feel that your results resonate with how you and others perceive your character.

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