What Is Your Soul Flower?

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Everyone knows that a red rose is a symbol of romantic love. But not many people are aware that lots of other flowers also have meanings associated with them. Practically all of the more commonly known flower varieties have their own meanings, and some even stand for several different things.

In the past, way long before people had phones, email, and near instant ways to communicate, they relied upon and used more symbolic gestures in their interactions. Back then there was only a very limited selection of the types of flowers a person could send and people knew what each one stood for.

Sometimes it worked better to send flowers, instead of using words that could be twisted and manipulated. Plus, the message that each flower sent to the individual receiving it was just as clear as if the sender had spelled it out.

Nowadays, there are less universally defined meanings attached to flowers, and the ones that used to exist have become more muted and faded. Individuals assign their own meanings to different flowers and there are many more types of them widely available for anyone to pick out and send off to someone.

It matters less and less what symbolic meaning a person attaches to the flowers they give. These days what matters is that someone even thought or cared enough to gift you them.

Many of the ancient meanings that were attached to flowers live on and are well documented in books and writings. Their symbolism has been studied and can be matched up with similarly aligned, complimentary personality traits.

Thus, an individual person’s signature and compatible flower can be determined. Take the quiz to to find out what your soul flower may be!

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