What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

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Each and every person on Earth has been blessed with their own unique abilities and strengths. These gifts go beyond physical, muscle based strength, and are an essential part of our identities and who we truly are. They help us deal with everyday life as well as any unusual or troublesome situations we may find ourselves caught up in.

Some people are blessed with compassion or zeal, while others have resilient strength, faith, or are warm, open and hospitable. Then there are the dreamers and people who hold the gift of prophecy, as they are seemingly able to receive glimpses of the future and what may come.

There are many other spiritual blessings that exist beyond the few mentioned here and lots of people have more than only one or two of them. These attributes can be thought of as our spiritual gifts because they naturally emanate from deep within us. As we grow and mature we hone these strengths and nurture them into powerful assets.

Whether we use them to help others or ourselves is ultimately an individual’s choice. However, often more is gained all around when we choose the greater good and use them to benefit others, and not just ourselves. By using your spiritual gifts to enrich others, you simultaneously and unconsciously enrich yourself all the more.

Work your way through this quick quiz to find out what your spiritual gift is. If you already have an idea about what it may be, see if it matches up with your quiz results.

What is your spiritual gift? Let us know!

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