Which of the 8 Elements are you?

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Out of the following 8 elements, which one best matches you personally? Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Nature, Ice, Light, Darkness. The first 4, fire, water, Earth, and air, are the classical elements off of which everything on the planet is based!

Different states and combinations of them give us the other four. From fire and air comes darkness and light, water gives us ice, and the Earth provides nature. Each of these elements are necessary for human survival and make life possible, and death inevitable.

Throughout ancient and modern times innumerable studies and experiments have been done to examine and learn more about these building blocks of life. Man’s fascination with them has led to the development of thousands of theories and even entire schools of thought that revolve around, and are based off of, one or more elements.

One area of elemental study involves philosophical connections of them to human life and each individual element is associated with different personality types. The most obvious being fire, which is equated with having a fiery personality and being emotional or hot headed.

Earth types are grounded and have strong maternal, protective instincts. Water people are fluid and laid back, oftentimes more balanced. Air types are rational, free-thinkers who can see the big picture more clearly than the other elements types, and so on.

This quiz uses ancient and modern theories of personality and utilizes the concepts they involve to analyze your personality. It then matches you up with what element best fits it. This quiz has surprised many because it’s so accurate and spot on, so try it out to see which element you are!

What element did you get?

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