Who Were Your Ancestors According To Your Memories?

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Your ancestors lived in a very different world, without the luxury of modern day conveniences. They relied on the land for survival and were at the whims of the elements. Many generations ago, the people who lead to your eventual birth filled their days with what are now simple tasks, but were a challenge then.

The human condition has evolved over time, but the strengths of the people from who you are descended shaped society as we know it today. Shamans were ancient healers in their community who accessed the universal energy for the purpose of aiding those around them.

These people passed on an understanding of the world and care for others, which is very valuable in life today. Humans of royalty were respected and influential in their kingdoms, translating to strong leadership abilities in their descendants.

The warriors of the old days portrayed determination and selflessness, creating modern people who stand up for their beliefs no matter the situation. By recalling deep memories about your past, you can determine what line of people you are from.

You hold the link to your ancestry just by the process of retaining details of happenings in this life. Flashbacks to your earliest events connect you to the people who came before you, the people who sculpted who you are now.

Take this quiz to find out where you stem from, and gain a better awareness of who you are based on who you used to be.

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