Can You Pass Psychology 101?

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How well do you know psychology 101? Are you an amateur expert, constantly analyzing your family members and yourself? Or are you completely clueless when it comes to psychology, but you don’t care to know any more?

Either way, this quiz is a great way to find out just how much you know about the subject. Dive in, and try hard to capture that hazy thought in the attic of your mind, gathering dust from those days of yore where you slept through class.

Everyone knows psychology in a practical sense. I don’t mean in a scientific sense, at least not in the traditional way. We all interact with each other and modify our thoughts and actions based on the response of the people and environment that surround us.

We subconsciously, and sometimes with full awareness create testable hypothesis, perform experiments and gather data. Some hypothesis are reinforced over time, other are shown to likely be wrong.

This quiz more specifically tests our conscious knowledge of the western psychology system, which is an arena in which our subconscious knowledge of human interaction may not offer much help.

Freud and Jung will be your companions as you walk down memory lane, gathering tidbits of fading memories and hoping your gut will remember more than your head. At the end, when you finally see the truth about your psychology knowledge,

Did you pass the Quiz? Let us know in the comments!

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