How Good Is Your Memory?

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My memory is terrible. It is an actual issue in my life that inhibits the flow of accomplishment and even affects communication with others. All of the people who are close to me have acknowledged that my ability to recall facts from the recent to distant past is near nonexistent.

It has become well known, but still frustrating, that important details will undoubtedly need to be repeated as many times as possible for me to finally catch on. This lack of absorption can be perceived as slow wit or inattention, but from my perspective there is just no access channel to the place where the information is being held.

There is a theory that life trauma, not just brain injury, can cause loss of memory. When I talk to other people I know who suffer from the same issue, it seems apparent that this theory is on to something. One friend of mine recounts both her parents almost dying from illness in consecutive years when she was a child.

Ask her to tell you a story, and you’ll find some components missing. Another friend is a veteran that spent multiple deployments in Iraq, and that girl will never know my birthday is two days before hers. My trauma, as far as I can tell, comes from the death of my father when I was a toddler.

What I have not looked into, because I can not remember to when it is convenient, is how or if memory can be rebuilt. Is it possible to get the neurons to re-fire to make the connections that need to be made? I once was recommended an herbal supplement that is said to enhance memory.

Did it work? I don’t know, I couldn’t remember to take it. It seems that practicing focus and thorough observation of events, facts, names, etcetera, might result in easier recollection, but the jury is out on that one, as far as I can tell.

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