Which Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?

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A lot of different factors go through your mind when you make the decision to switch up your hair color. Some people need to consider their professional lives and cannot have wild colors, whereas other people are free to go crazy.

Most end up choosing shades that compliment their skin tone and are not too far off of their original hue. Sometimes the dye is temporary or experimental, and even if it’s not you can always dye it again until you reach a desirable shade.

A lot of people also factor in their personality when they consider which color hair they could pull off and look great in. After all, different colors represent all sorts of things on a societal level and especially when it comes to hair.

There is a whole wealth of information about what different colors represent in general. We equate pink with love, red with anger and desire, green with nature, blue with tranquility, and black with death. It’s crazy to think that every shade you are unconsciously drawn to, or intentionally choose, can reveal a little bit about your personality.

In terms of hair, there are many views about what each color represents. There are common stereotypes that include blondes are ditsy, redheads have feisty tempers, brunettes are mysterious, raven haired people are reserved and artistic, and white/gray hair people are wise and old.

Clearly these stereotypes are not at all true across the board and what it truly comes down to is whether or not you feel comfortable, beautiful, and happy with the new color. If you do, then you will give off all those positive feelings and others will pick up on that and look at you in kind.

There are many ways that color affects our behavior, perceptions, and personalities, as well as how other people view us. Hair color is just one factor that people use to evaluate others and we unconsciously associate lots of different things with it.

If you want a fun way to figure out which color hair best suits your personality then take this short quiz. Have fun and enjoy!

What color did you get?

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