What Rank in a Wolf Pack Would You Be?

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Have you ever wondered which role you would most likely fit into in a wolf pack? Find out now and see if it’s what you imagined it to be. Wolves are highly social animals who hunt, travel, eat, and do practically everything else alongside their fellow pack members. The pack is a wolf’s lifeline that’s mainly composed of family members who are related by blood and outsiders who have proven their loyalty and worth to the group. Each wolf has a highly specific role and place in the hierarchy and if one acts out of line the others are quick to remind them of their place.

The top dog is called the alpha. The wolf who becomes the leader of the pack is oftentimes the smartest and most experienced, dominant, and aggressive one of all. Alphas demand respect from the other wolves and use their great strength and confidence to both protect and provide for the rest of the pack who depend on them.

Second in command is the beta. Betas are like the vice presidents of wolf packs since they are the ones who step in whenever the alpha is absent, sick, dies, or can’t perform its duties otherwise. They usually are not quite fully ready or aware of how to be a leader, but nevertheless they’re prepared to act as such if the time ever comes.

At the bottom of the hierarchy is the omega. Omegas are often picked on and higher ranking wolves always assert their dominance over them forcibly, sometimes even violently, but they never fight back. The omega has no chance to ever lead the pack, and even if given the opportunity to do so, they’d pass on it because of an inherent lack of desire to take charge.

Instead, they prefer to have the hard, important decisions made on their behalf. They only eat after every other wolf has finished their meal, coming in last and alone to feast on whatever scraps are left behind. While it seems cruel and mean that one wolf is seemingly mistreated by the rest, the omega’s role is crucial and helps to defuse underlying issues going on in the pack.

Based on the above information, do you think you’d be the alpha, the beta, or the omega? Find out which rank best fits your personality and style based off of your answers to the revealing questions in this quiz. It looks at your answers in terms of wolf pack analysis and determines your role from the options you pick and what choices you’d most likely make in different scenarios.

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