What Is Your Hidden Superpower? Take This Personality Test To Find Out!

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We have all imagined having or dreamed about extra-ordinary, super human abilities. The thought of flying through the air while soaring high above the Earth, or instantly teleporting our bodies through space to a distant place, has crossed the minds of most everyone at one point or another.

There are several different types of super powers that have been dreamed up over the years. They were introduced to us through literature, comic books, television, and the movies, which is where we really get to see them in action. They have captured the imaginations of people the world over, and some of them are even becoming reality.

Many companies and independent inventors are continuously trying to make these superpowers a reality. One area that they have made progress in is super human strength. By wearing an external framework of armor on the body, consisting of high tech hydraulics and motors, a person’s strength and endurance can be dramatically increased.

While this technology is still extremely new and in the development process, the potential benefits of it are numerous and some have already been both tested and realized. Most of the advancement in this field has been in the military and medical realms, and in the past few years it has rapidly exploded in growth. What was once a dream is slowly becoming reality.

Out of the following super human powers, which one would you most want to be able to do; fly, breathe under water, read people’s minds, super speed, super strength, teleportation, telepathy, or telekinesis. To find out what your personal superpower would be, take this quiz, and as always have fun and enjoy!

What is your superpower?

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