What Will You Be In Your Next Life?

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What will you be in your next life? Will you come back for another human life, learning the lessons that have evaded you up to this point? Or will you be some kind of animal, free from the worries that come along with higher intelligence?

Maybe you won’t even come back to the same planet, but to another planet in an entirely different universe. Who could possibly be able to determine such a thing? I’ll tell you: whoever wrote this quiz. I took this quiz, died, and came back as exactly what it said I would.

Reincarnation is a subject often discussed but rarely agreed upon. Recently, however there have many events that make it seem more likely than not. There have been multiple accounts of people having memories of people and places they had never been in this life.

When they were taken back to the area of which they spoke, they were able to point out buildings and recognize people. In some instances, they even were able to say who had killed them, and how, much to the discomfort of the accused.

Many knowledge traditions of various cultures assume the reality of reincarnation. It is even speculated that the early Christians believed in it as well, although nothing in history is certain.

If it is true, it certainly takes some pressure off of this life, because there is nowhere near enough time in one life to work through even a single issue, much less the multitude with which we are faced.

The sheer vastness of the available experiences we find just on this planet is more than we could make it through in a thousand lifetimes. So enjoy yourself, and start by taking this quiz!

What will you be?

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