What Are You Most Inclined To Be Addicted To?

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What are you most inclined to be addicted to? Many people think of addiction as referring to habits that are negative, but many people have addictions that are just as powerful to less extreme things.

Someone might be addicted to hardcore knitting, for example, a problem that plagues hundreds of people and could have far reaching ramifications in certain circles. Knitting circles, mostly.

Dig deep within yourself, into the realms of your veiled subconscious, and search for the source of your addiction, whether it be to smelling flowers or dancing in public places. You may feel better knowing that most of us have some type of addiction, we just call them habits.

Some are more destructive than others, certainly, but they are still things that people do habitually and would feel disrupted if they are removed. If we can replace harmful addictions with healthy ones, we will be in much better shape.

How can we find out what our addictions really are, or what we would be most susceptible to becoming addicted to? I think taking this quiz may be the wisest option. It is a magical quiz, able to use artificial intelligence to see into your deepest core.

It is able to do this based on your answers to a few simple questions, and your specific genetic makeup will cause the answers to align much as the stars do. You will see new worlds of opportunity opening up before you.

Let us know what you got! Enjoy!

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