QUIZ: This 21 Question Quiz Will Reveal If You Are Brilliant, Average, Or Dumb. Which One Are You?

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You are about to take a quiz that not only taps into your factual knowledge, but your ability to extrapolate that knowledge, through reasoning. For each of the 21 questions presented, you will be asked which of three items DOESN’T BELONG.

If you start hearing an old Sesame Street song going through your head, you are right. Early reasoning is presented when children are learning, by taking what they know, and figuring out what two things have in common that a third thing does not.

Some of the things you will be presented with are: NUMBERS, COLORS, COUNTRIES, AUTHORS, PROFESSIONS, RELIGIONS, ANIMALS, METALS and 13 other categories. The questions seem to go from easiest to more difficult; some of the more difficult ones will make you more actively analyze the similarities between the two things that have the one commonality that the third item doesn’t.

After answering your responses will be calculated with a result of “dumb, average or brilliant”. Read the analysis of what each result actually means; you might be surprised by the interpretation. Let us know how you did, and what you think of the analysis.

Did you pass?

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