Quiz: Only 6 out of 50 people can spell the following words correctly. Can you?

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Back in grade school were you an accomplished word speller, or did you perform less than stellar on the weekly spelling tests that your teachers administered? We all have different abilities when it comes to spelling words, some of us are great while others are a little rusty on the whole subject. For every spelling bee champ out there in the world there is someone who is hopelessly terrible at getting all the right letters in the correct order!

If you believe in the law of averages, then most Americans spelling abilities fall somewhere right around either average, or a little above or below that. If you wonder where you stand in comparison, take this spelling quiz! It’s a great way to find out and see how well you really know the English language.

As for spelling in general, there will always be those pesky words that cause us to momentarily pause and think whenever we write them down. They’re those annoying terms that no matter what always seem to make us hesitate and internally wonder about whether or not we are spelling them correctly. You can try to memorize them as best you can or make up some mnemonic trick, but every single time you’ll still somehow manage to spell them all wrong! They are simply those words that no matter how many times you see how auto-correct changes them, you just can’t remember how to properly spell them in the first place!

Before you take the quiz check out this video of this smart parrot taking a spelling test:

If any of the above sounds even slightly familiar, congratulations you are human and not a machine! Now take this test and see if you can pass it and get a perfect score or 27/27. According to Playbuzz, they gave this same exact basic spelling test to a total of fifty American people. Out of everyone who took it, only six people passed it with an A+ by choosing the correct spelling of every single word on their first try! Can you perform just as well? There’s only one way to find out so try it now and see!

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