Quiz: What Is The Actual Color Of Your Personality? Find Out..

Every single shade of color is representative of a number of different types of things. It just so happens that one of those thing is your personality! Which color do you believe reflects and represents your personality the best overall?

The quiz below will help you to determine exactly that! It uses color psychology to examine your choices and preferences, then matches you up with the one hue on the color spectrum that fits the characteristics you exhibit the best. Color psychology is a real field of study which looks at how each color impacts and affects our feelings, attitudes, and decisions. The focused studies and research has shown a number of fascinating effects that various colors have on human perception and behaviors.

One such example is that when warm colors are used in advertising, they bring in and spur on those types of shoppers who tend to purchase items spontaneously. Another, more well-known, effect that colors have on human behavior is that men view women as more attractive if a female is wearing red clothing. At the same time, the opposite of this finding was also proven not to be true and the color of a male’s outfit does not factor into a woman’s view of how attractive he may be.

There’s tons more information out there on colors that extends far beyond what’s mentioned here. Much of it explores the many other ways in which color affects human behaviors, perceptions, and personalities. Find out here and now which color happens to be your true personality color by taking this easy and colorful quiz! Once you get your results you’ll find out if the color you originally thought it would be matches up, so have fun with it and pass it on with others so they can explore their true personality colors too!

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