Are YOU a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE Person? Incredibly Accurate Personality Test.

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Do you think you know for certain whether you are a positive or negative person? Do you think this quiz could potentially allow you to discover something about yourself that you didn’t know? I thought for sure I’m a positive person, because I always try to be positive in every situation in my life. But when I took this quiz, I realized that I am actually balanced between positive and negative. Even when I am trying my best to be positive, my negative side appears to bring a little balance into my life.

I used to think that being positive all the time was the ideal way to live. I tried to be positive no matter what, and whenever I couldn’t stay positive I would get depressed that I wasn’t able to maintain my positivity. I would talk and act like everything was great and would keep the charade going on the surface, even though I was angry or sad inside.

Instead of making me more positive over time, this lifestyle made me become bitter towards all the people and teaching that told me I should always be positive. I eventually became depressed, angry at the universe for not letting me be positive and happy all the time.

Of course, it is impossible to be happy and positive all the time, and lying to myself and suppressing my true feelings didn’t help anyone in the end. Maybe people liked being around me at first, but they didn’t like being around me later when I couldn’t keep up the facade any more.

I have realized that I am better off being honest with myself and those around me, allowing the full range of human emotion to be expressed in a beautifully balanced dance of life. That way, no single side is too pronounced, and the positive balances the negative and vice versa, and the expression of life is enriched by the contrast.

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