Quiz: This Beautiful Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

When it comes to personality traits, we are all a mixed bag of emotions, behaviors, quirks, and characteristics! Each one of us exhibits a number of different traits that combine to make up our overall personality. They’re a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but they are what makes us unique and who we are!

Our personal aspects are comprised of mental and moral qualities which greatly influence both our behaviors and interactions with other people. How we face situations daily and view the world stem directly from our personality traits. However, it follows that out of all the many character traits we have, only one can be the most dominant. That trait is what forms your overall disposition and governs practically all of your decisions and behaviors, as well as how other people get a feel or sense of who you are as a person.

Because your most dominant trait manifests itself in how you perceive everything around you, it can be determined via this abstract image test. Here’s how: Abstract images are pictures that can be read or interpreted in countless different ways. Instead of concrete ideas or content which is clear and recognizable to the average eye, such as turtles on a log, the subject matter being represented is way more intangible. What you see and take away from an abstract image depends on your perception of what you believe you are looking at. You’re forced to mentally construct the picture your viewing and it’s through this thought process that we end up attaching meanings and interpretations to the image.

When the meanings and interpretations you choose to give to different images are examined in depth, certain personality traits and attributes are revealed. There’s a lot of research and psychological studies that focus on how people interpret and view these types of images in light of their perceptions and personalities.

This quiz uses that research and a series of 12 abstract images to help you find out what your most dominant personality trait is! What you end up seeing in these pictures, how they make you feel, the colors that you zero in on, and more will be used to determine your strongest personality trait so try it out now and see what you get. Many people have found it to be very accurate and spot on, so click the “Let’s Play!” button to start and enjoy!

What is your dominant personality trait? let us know in the comments

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