What is Your Brain Actually Good At?

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How does your brain work? Since the inception of humanity, people have been using their brains to try and understand the brain. After thousands of years of philosophy, religion, science and countless other methodologies, we have made significant breakthroughs and understand more about the brain than ever before in recorded history.

Yet for every answer we gain, a hundred more questions arise, and the mystery that is the human brain deepens. We do know that every brain, and therefore every person, is different.

The way we learn and process information, how we create and access memories and what we perceive through each of our five senses varies dramatically from one individual to the next.

What you find to be delicious, your friend thinks is absolutely disgusting. Maybe you remember every detail of conversations you had with a teacher when you were five years old, but your significant other forgets what you were talking about thirteen seconds ago.

Like the beautiful snowflake, we each express a unique version of the infinitude of human potential. What are your particular strong suits? In what areas does your brain excel? Take the quiz to find out!

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