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I got laser vision. I don’t know how this quiz knew my secret, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so I might as well come clean. I am, in fact, a cyborg, and I literally have lasers instead of eyes. In addition to the ability to tell the difference between ridiculously subtle color changes, I can see through any object and levitate them with a single glare. I also can cook eggs, but only if I squint just the right amount. Otherwise, the eggs turn back into chickens.

Color blindness, which isn’t technically blindness at all, is an inability or reduced ability to see certain colors or distinguish between similar colors. It is relatively common, and since it is a hereditary sex-linked condition, it effects males much more than females. Almost 10% of males are affected, while less than 1% of females suffer from the condition.

In the US, about 3 million cases are diagnosed per year. Most of the time, it is self diagnosed when people realize they do not see color the same way as those around them. Usually color blindness effects the ability to see the difference between red and green, although different types exist.

Red-green color blindness is caused when certain cells in the retina, the portion of the eye that converts light to nerve signals, fail to develop. There is some evidence that color blind people are actually able to see differences in colors that people with normal vision are unable to detect.

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