QUIZ: Can You Find The Panda Hidden Amongst These Black and White Pills? Find Out..


Image via: Shutterstock.com

Nothing is quite as fun and mentally stimulating as undertaking a new search puzzle image. The pictures offer us a break from the common, everyday type of stuff that we usually seem to come across. Instead, they give our eyes and brains not only a change of pace, but also a fresh challenge.

You’ve probably seen quite a few hidden picture search puzzles by now since just about every other week or so a new one goes viral and sweeps across the web. Some leave us scratching our heads, while others we’re able to solve right off the bat, and those ones make us feel really smart!

If you happen to be one of the millions who absolutely love hidden puzzle challenges, you have to check out this new illustration from artist Matthew Merrill. Somewhere in his pill themed image is a lone panda bear waiting to be discovered! The picture is filled edge to edge with pills of all different shapes and sizes. The medications are haphazardly strewn all about and they all look very similar with only slight variations across the image. That, in combination with the stark black and white color scheme, makes this search all the more difficult.

One would think that it’d be incredibly easy to spot a panda bear, an animal that’s completely different looking from a pill in so many ways, but it’s proven to be a lot more difficult than expected. Give it a try and see how fast you can spot the panda bear!

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