QUIZ: Can You Pass The Perception Test?

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The word Perception is defined by the online Oxford English Dictionary as “the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.” Many factors can affect how a person takes in their surroundings, and how they make sense of what they are experiencing.

Perception isn’t simply just looking at something and viewing it. It is much deeper than one would imagine, and it involves the interaction of several different systems in our bodies. In order to understand things we first take in visual, auditory, and other sensory information. Then our brains have to sort through and organize it all so that we can better interpret it.

Perception allows everyone to have a different perspective of the world and life. Oftentimes, how we see things and what we remember is determined by our personal experiences and subconsciousness. We are always both consciously and unconsciously picking up on overt and subtle visual cues. Thus, how we perceive reality and life turns out to be quite subjective.

This visual perception test is a quick and easy way to discover more about yourself and how you view things. These types of tests are designed to uncover aspects of a person’s mental, analytical, and sensory abilities. It’s a fun way to explore and see what you immediately notice and pick up on, and also what you fail to notice.

Try it out now and see how you do!

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