Only 1 In 7 People Can Pass This Dicey Memory Test. Can You?

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Do you think that you have an excellent memory? If so, then put it to the test with this tricky quiz. It examines how well you can remember important details, numbers, order, and instructions. In the end, you’ll know exactly how well your basic memory skills and concentration abilities perform when they are actually put to the test!

It’s a common assumption that the majority of the memories we hold concern things that we remember from long ago in the past. This broad definition of memory encompasses all of the many dreams, thoughts, and experiences that we’ve lived through in our lives.

However, it fails to take into account the most important types of memories that we all have, our short-term memory! Short-term memory is just another way of saying active and ongoing memory. It’s the information and perceptions of the world that we have and hold in mind as we move through the day.

When you think back and try to remember where you placed your keys last, you’re likely drawing upon your short-term memory, depending on how often you use your car! And just as we are continually gaining new memories, we are also constantly forgetting them.

The extent to which your mind draws a blank usually depends on how strong your basic short term memory is. This is especially true in terms of visual memories and while some people have incredible visual memory recall abilities, others are not so fortunate.

Which brings us back to the question originally posed at the beginning of this article, do you remember what it was?! How strong do you think your memory is?

This test answers the question for you so try it now and see if you’re among the very select few who can pass it. According to the puzzle site Playbuzz, just one in seven people ace it. See how you score and good luck!

Did you score high on this? Did you pass it?

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