Quiz: Can You Pass The OCD Test?

Do you find that you often notice small inconsistencies and minor details in things that are out of place? Other people around you seem to never pay them any attention, but they strike you as glaringly obvious and even kind of annoying. If this sounds familiar it could be a sign that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and those irregularities you’re picking up on are triggering it.

It’s estimated that 2.3% of American adults,which is about 3.3 million people, have OCD in any given year. Men and women are equally affected and the most common reported compulsions include hand washing, checking things, counting things, cleaning, and an inability to throw things out. The obsessions and compulsions can be incredibly strong, even overwhelming at times. It becomes a real problem when your life is taken over and affected by the need and urge to perform behaviors that you know are strange and make no sense, but you have to do them anyways.

Even though OCD is seen as a chronic illness there are ways to diagnose and treat it. A number of different therapy based approaches and medications are used to manage symptoms. Behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, even electroconvulsive therapy and brain surgery have been used in rare, extreme cases.

Only a doctor can properly diagnose and determine whether or not you have OCD, but in the meantime try taking this quiz to see if you can pass it. It’s a visual type of OCD test that looks at common triggers people have and how your mind evaluates certain images. Try it now and see if you immediately notice the minor inconsistencies in each picture below!┬áDid you pass the OCD test? Let us know in the comments below

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