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If you were to take a spelling and grammar test right this instant, how well do you really think you would end up doing it? Would you know the proper spelling and context of every word given and put in an ace performance or would you covfefe it?! There is only one way to know for certain how well you’d do and this quiz is that way!

For each of the following fourteen sentences all that you need to do is pick the correct spelling of the one missing word that you’re given several options to choose from. These are the most confusing words and homonyms the English language has to offer and people mess these up all the time.

Broadly speaking, homonyms are words that sound alike yet they have completely different meanings. Then there are homophones, which are a specific type of homonym where words both sound alike and have different meanings, but they also have different spellings.

One common example are the words ‘lose’ and ‘loose.’ Lose means to either be deprived of something or to be defeated, whereas loose means not attached firmly or closely nor fixed in one place. Both words sound the same, have different meanings, and are spelled differently, and so they are homophones.

At first glance this type of grammar spelling test would seem to be easy enough, but it has actually proven to be quite tricky for a variety of reasons. One often cited factor that people give is that they’re so used to auto-correct features on their phones and computers that they simply let the technology decide for them.

Between that, being out of school for some time now, or just never having learned the slight differences in the first place, there’s all sorts of excuses people give for their grammar and spelling mistakes.

All of that aside, see exactly where you stand as to how well you know proper English and context. Even if you think you’re a spelling guru or a grammar maven, there will be at least one or several words that will trip you up and have you second-guessing yourself!

Without further ado, click on the β€œLet’s Play!” button to start the quiz and good luck!

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