Quiz: Can You Perceive All The Colors Of Fall? Find Out.

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This time of year marks the annual beginning of a beautiful transformation that takes place outdoors in nature. Leaves all over the country will start to change colors in late September, turning the countryside from a sea of green to a rainbow of autumn colors.

The fall foliage in many areas is renowned for the vibrant colors and spectacular vistas that accompany the change. Trees turn all shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, black, and brown. Some hues are so bright they’re practically neon, while others fall on the richer, deeper, darker side of the color spectrum.

While the colors of Autumn are undeniably beautiful to look at, they can also offer us more than just a pretty picture. You can use the subtle shades that are associated with and commonly found throughout the fall foliage to test your visual acuity. This quiz is designed specifically for that purpose. If you are able to distinguish between the slightest color differences it asks of you correctly, then your eyesight is sharp and on-point. However, if you find yourself having trouble determining which color doesn’t fit, then you may need to get your vision tested.

Try it out now and put your optical abilities to the test. At the end of it all you’ll know whether or not you’re truly able to see all the many colors of fall. Good luck!

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