Can You Fill In The Missing Color In These 10 Famous Book Titles?

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Calling all book worms, bibliophiles, and literature lovers! Here is a colorful challenge that will
test your book title recognition skills. The following quiz contains the names and titles of some of the best known books in the literature world.

You are given both the name of the author and the original copyright date that each one was published on, plus almost every word in the title of the book. All that you have to do is fill in the missing color word to complete the name of the book correctly. It’s very straightforward and sounds quite simple, right?

It will be simple indeed if you are a true literature fan who knows a thing or two about books, especially those which are timeless classics. You’re likely to be familiar with a few of these because you may have been assigned to read them in either high school or college.

Alternatively, maybe you know and have read them all simply because you enjoy reading and curling up with a good book! Whatever the case may be, even if you are not a real literature aficionado, let alone a fan of books, you’ll definitely know at least one of them!

This will be quick, fun, and revealing. You have absolutely nothing to lose here and you might even possibly gain something. Perhaps you might not have known about or been familiar with one of the books featured here and so you can check it out or add it to the list.

You’ll never know until you try, so without further ado, click on the β€œLet’s Play!” button to begin and start filling in the color that each of these ten classic book titles are missing. Good Luck!

How did you do? Did you pass the book test? Let us know!

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