Can You Spell The Most Commonly Misspelled Words?

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We all have certain words that make us pause when writing them down, as we hesitate and wonder whether or not we’re spelling it correctly. Then there are the words that we struggle to spell over and over, time and again.

No matter how many times you see the auto-correct change it from red -underlined and marked as wrong to right, you just can’t remember how the heck to properly spell it. And forget about sounding it out or applying any grammar rules you may have up your sleeve, because you know that an ‘e’ or some ‘k’ or ‘c’ is silent somewhere in it…maybe…eghhh?

Every language has within it several words that are notorious for being misspelled by people all the time in their general, everyday writing. In fact, these words are spelled wrong so often and unintentionally butchered by people that they end up on a list of the most commonly misspelled words, and on this quiz! 

See how you measure up against others and if you can spell correctly some of the most commonly misspelled words the English language has to offer. Click the “Let’s play” button and enjoy!

Are you able to spell these tough words?

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