Quiz: What Color Is Your Anger? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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When you get super ticked off and heated, what color does your anger burn at? While that may sound like kind of a strange question to ask, it will hopefully make sense at the end of all this. When it comes to colors, there is an immense amount of background information available on what each different hue of the rainbow represents. Numerous studies, surveys, and ever-ongoing research in the field of color psychology has shown all sorts of interesting things, some of which can be linked to anger and our perception of it in both ourselves and others.

Perhaps one of the clearest concepts to emerge from the data is the color-personality link. People as a whole tend to equate individual colors with certain attributes, traits, energies, and emotions. Take for example the color red. What do you immediately associate red with? The most common answers include love, anger, blood, passion, desire, and rage. Now think about what the color blue evokes in your mind’s eye. If you envision peace, tranquility, depth, the sky, and water, you’re in good company.

Those commonly shared understandings of what each color is linked with can tell you what color your anger is by the way you experience the fiery emotion. How often and quick you get upset, the types of things that set you off, how deep you seethe, the ways in which you show it, and other related factors are what this quiz explores. By examining those personal elements in light of color psychology, it determines the likely color your anger is currently vibrating at.

Work your way through the quiz to find out if your frustration and anger manifests as a deep and sensitive blue, a mellow looking yellow, a grounded and heavy brown, a fiery red, or perhaps some other color like purple, white, or green. Please this on with friends and family so they can also delve into their own personal anger color profile and as always, enjoy!

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