Quiz: What Color Is Your Aura? Take The Beautiful Test Below and Find Out.

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The best way to describe just about anything is by what color it happens to be. Whether it’s the sky, a car, house, plant, animal, or a person, they are all some distinct shade of color. Even things that we cannot see, like air or certain gasses, are described as clear, invisible, or lacking color.

The same can be said about a person’s aura, which is the energy that we each radiate and put off. All living things and even ordinary, inanimate objects have an aura, yet many of us cannot see them. However, whether or not you’re able to see your own or other people’s auras does not matter because they are with us constantly and vibrating colorfully, irregardless of how well your able to view them.

Whatever color your aura may be is a direct reflection of your life at the moment. Over time, as we go through changes and grow personally, it changes right along with us. As such, whatever color of the rainbow your aura is currently vibrating at is directly in response to all of your unconscious thoughts and desires.

There are also many different ways in which the color of our aura may be affecting us. Our behavior, perceptions, and personalities, and how others view us in terms of those types of factors, are all influenced by it in one way or another. Just think about it, the color of your aura influences your life in not only minor, but major ways as well. You probably never even knew or thought about it!

To find out what color your aura is, take this quiz, it delves deep into your unconscious to give you the answer.

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